Winter Fishing

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Winter fishing…. where to begin?

Here are just a few of my thoughts and some things I know about winter fishing in the cold months.  I remember one of my first winter fishing trips on the lake. It was the middle of January, 9 AM and I thought to myself  “What am I doing? It is 19 degrees outside and I’m freezing out here! If I am cold and don’t want to go anywhere, the bass probably don’t want to either!” Later that day after fishing deep and slowly, I caught one of my biggest smallmouth which was just under 5lbs. Bass enjoy warm water. In the winter months where the ponds/ lakes, and other bodies of water cool down the bass move out deeper.

When the water becomes cold, the bass’ metabolism slows which causes them to become lethargic.

In my few years of fishing I have noticed that for me personally I have the best results in these colder months catching bass using a shaky head, ned rig, a small jig, a jerkbait, or crankbait. And of course I’m not forgetting drop shot. The slower your presentation, the better of a chance you will have in hooking one of these beautiful fish! I try to relate fishing to myself. It is weird, but it works for me. If it is cold and I am feeling lazy, I don’t want to work to find or make food. I would much rather have it dropped right in front of me. Bass are the same way. To me that is why a ned rid, shaky head, or other slow crawling/moving baits work so well.

Bass want a meal that is placed right in front of them causing little to no effort to eat. I would try to find some structure in deeper water, off ledges, or deep points. I have found that bass tend to sit and hang out where there are rocks, trees, or any type of structure because they hold heat better than just open water.

These winter months can seem to drag on. As you fish with confidence and patience you will catch fish. For me, patience and confidence are key while fishing; both in yourself and what you are throwing. Fishing starts as a hobby, leads into a passion, and it results as an addiction. Go rip some lips!


Austin Tate

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