Tournament Day


 Fishing as a Non-Boater or Co-Angler has taught me a few things. One can never get too high or too low on themselves during the 7-8 hours they are out fishing a tournament. This could even go for all Boaters as well. Wake up feeling good, have the morning coffee (for me its an energy drink) and hit the road to the ramp. Once you’re there say “whats up” to all the guys you know or have seen around.  Then there is a little “BS” talk about where the fish are biting, but in reality nobody is telling anyone ANYTHING!

Once you have hit your first spot its game time, head down and fish! So much is going through the mind about what should I be throwing, or how should I be presenting this bait so it gets crushed by a 10 pounder. Everything is a little nerve wracking until you get that first bite and get that first fish in the boat. Its a small sigh of relief, knowing you caught one and won’t get skunked that day. After that first one in the boat its time to find four more bites, but some days it takes longer than you would think. Sometimes that fifth fish doesn’t come until an hour left of fishing.

After you’ve caught that limit its time to start culling up and making those five fish respectable. This is another thing that can be frustrating. There are five keepers in the live well and its only 9:45 in the morning, monkey is off your back and the limit is reached. As the day goes on the bite might slow down and you’re left scratching your head wondering what to do. This is where every bite counts, need to land those fish to cull up, even if it is ounces. Even on the best or worst days tournaments can be won by ounces. Example, myself and Chaz Hickcox missed winning some money by only .61 ounces, heartbreaking honestly.

Well its 2:30 and time to run back to the dock to weigh in those five keepers you caught. Some days you will think those five fish you’ve just caught are about 19-20 pounds and good enough to win this thing. Other days you’re riding back in with 11 pounds and thinking “there is no way I am close to winning, why even weigh in?” I am a firm believer that if you have something to weigh in just do it. There is no point in spending all that time and preparation to come up with a 0. It has happened many times before and can still happen on any given day where that 11.23 pound bag will win some money, and another day where 20 pounds is good enough for 5th place. Always keep casting until its time to go in, never know when that winning bite is going to happen.



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