Cross Bone Outfitters Crypt Application
Fill out this form if you are interested in joining our awesome field staff we call the #Crypt! We are looking for motivated individuals who are looking to grow with the company. Crypt members are all on their way to being on our team of Brand Representatives known as the #Boneyard! If you believe you are up to the challenge, apply today!
The purpose of the Cross Bone Outfitters Crypt is to boost social media reach through engagement, The sole purpose of a Crypt Member is to engage with and share those posts made by the Official Cross Bone Outfitters Facebook and Instagram Pages.
A minimum of 90% engagement rate is required for all Cross Bone Outfitters Crypt Members. Are you willing do maintain this?
Why would YOU choose YOU as a Field Staff Member?
Let us know what product lines in our inventory you already use on a regular basis.
If not, you should be a member of our Facebook Group The Outsiders. Please look up the group via our Official Facebook Page to find it.
Provide the FULL URL to your Facebook Page and/or profile
Provide the FULL URL to your Instagram profile
Provide the FULL URL to your twitter profile
In 500 words or less write a brief autobiography and outdoors experience. The members of the Cross Bone Outfitters Crypt will be expected to provide quality social media posts, this is one of the tools we will use to assess your written communication skills.
Tell us which companies you are currently your promotional partners. Promotional partnerships and/or contingency affiliations with any other tackle retail store (not including manufacturers or bait makers) will result in automatic denial.
We are no longer taking on junior (under 18) staff members.