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The Not-So Lazyman Game

A few years ago, well before Cross Bone Outfitters began, I was introduced to the Lazyman Hooks.  Or as the original name of it was, the cheater hook.  I was fishing with a buddy of mine who would take a white soft jerk bait and slow roll it on a Colorado bladed Lazyman Hook.  He […]

Roland Martin Marine Center Series Recap

Roland Martin Marine Center Series Recap I took practice for the Roland Martin Marine Center Series a lot differently than I have in the past on Lake Okeechobee, and I think it worked out for the best.  Basically what I was looking for was water quality.  Since hurricane Irma hit all of Florida, Lake Okeechobee […]

Novelty or Gimmick?

Novelty or Gimmick? The conversation came up on our Facebook group, The Outsiders, where I was displaying a piece of art kind of bait made by a small guy in his garage.  We were trying to discern if the diver was a novelty or Gimmick.  My excitement came from the fact these little baits are […]

There Are No Silver Bullets

Fish with lure

This weekend I was honored to be able to serve my fellow veterans in the Operation Bass Warrior IV.  This is a tournament format, and there is a weigh in at the end of it, but it is far from what anyone would consider a traditional tournament.  One of the main parts of it is […]

Scouting On Your Prep Time


When you get a chance to go scout some new conditions because the water came up, you really can’t be looking to have a truly epic day on the water.  What you’re really doing is seeing what the conditions are in the newly flooded areas and trying to see where you can find the more […]