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DD26 Fishing Mercury V8 Motor Mounts

DD26 Fishing Mercury V8 Motor Mounts Our friends a DD26 Fishing have done it again and are the very first to make a motor mount for your brand new Mercury Pro XS 4-Stroke V8 and a set of cut aluminum steering stops to match.  You’ll be able to choose your custom color scheme to match […]

Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale

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Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale American History is rife with Pirate-style themes.  One of our founding defenders, Captain John Paul Jones was one of them.  If you know history you know John Paul Jones was in fact a “Privateer” for the Continental Navy.  Privateer is really just a nice way of saying […]

Novelty or Gimmick?

Novelty or Gimmick? The conversation came up on our Facebook group, The Outsiders, where I was displaying a piece of art kind of bait made by a small guy in his garage.  We were trying to discern if the diver was a novelty or Gimmick.  My excitement came from the fact these little baits are […]

There Are No Silver Bullets

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This weekend I was honored to be able to serve my fellow veterans in the Operation Bass Warrior IV.  This is a tournament format, and there is a weigh in at the end of it, but it is far from what anyone would consider a traditional tournament.  One of the main parts of it is […]

Sponsor Me!


The world today has been changing, and social media has been leading the charge. Everyone who fishes will put up pictures or videos of their catches, and then send to fishing companies showing what they caught and then say “Sponsor Me”. This is not how it works people. When you’re trying to get a company’s […]