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Building Their Masterpiece

Head Shed Up Close blog

Everyone loves the novelty of custom handmade gear; especially when it comes to fishing.  The concept is pretty cool.  Something comes from the imagination of a creator and they build it, try it out, scrap the bad ones, start over, and builds it again.  They repeat this process over and over again until the end […]

Sponsor Me!


The world today has been changing, and social media has been leading the charge. Everyone who fishes will put up pictures or videos of their catches, and then send to fishing companies showing what they caught and then say “Sponsor Me”. This is not how it works people. When you’re trying to get a company’s […]

My New Fishy Adventure!

Headshot with rod

Hello Cross Bone world! I would love for you all to join me while I journey into the bass fishing realm…. This is a big, new and scary adventure for me coming from the salmon and steelhead side of the fishing world, but I am confident that I’ve surrounded myself with the most amazing people […]

Anglers, You’re In Your Prep Time!

Chaz hookset

“Shooters, You’re In Your Prep Time!” In the Marine Corps this is an all too familiar phrase that we all grow to understand this is the time we get to “Snap In” and prepare ourselves for a course of fire on the range.  The concept of snapping in is a fairly simple one.  During this […]

You’re the Driver

Chaz May 2016 Win

Fishing is one of those crazy sports where everyone you talk to knows exactly how to catch them and what you need to do.  It’s one of those things where you can have an outstanding day, all the while someone you were competing against was doing the exact same thing you were and had a […]