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Made With the Angler in Mind

“Made with the angler in mind” It’s a phrase you see on a regular basis when perusing almost all lure manufacturing companies.  I see it regularly when I’m doing research on bringing new brands into Cross Bone Outfitters.  It’s got me thinking.  What are they trying to portray?  In all honesty, like most other anglers […]

Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale

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Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale American History is rife with Pirate-style themes.  One of our founding defenders, Captain John Paul Jones was one of them.  If you know history you know John Paul Jones was in fact a “Privateer” for the Continental Navy.  Privateer is really just a nice way of saying […]

Finesse Fishing in Heavy Cover

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When most people look at miles and miles of flats where there’s a mixture of lily pads, hydrilla, bulrushes, and pepper grass, there are a number of techniques which are thought of as the staple go to’s. Those techniques are usually along the lines of swim jigs, punching, flipping, or some kind of moving baits.  […]

Novelty or Gimmick?

Novelty or Gimmick? The conversation came up on our Facebook group, The Outsiders, where I was displaying a piece of art kind of bait made by a small guy in his garage.  We were trying to discern if the diver was a novelty or Gimmick.  My excitement came from the fact these little baits are […]

Winter Fishing

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Winter fishing…. where to begin? Here are just a few of my thoughts and some things I know about winter fishing in the cold months.  I remember one of my first winter fishing trips on the lake. It was the middle of January, 9 AM and I thought to myself  “What am I doing? It […]