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Clewiston Bass Anglers – November Tournament

Clewiston Bass Anglers – November Tournament On Saturday November 3rd the Clewiston Bass Anglers launched out of the Clewiston City Ramp at safe light for their November tournament.  For a tough day of fishing the winners really had their work cut out for them. The Results are as follows: Place Name Fish Caught Dead Fish […]

Hard Times or a True Blessing?

Hard Times – Or A True Blessing? So as it would seem my recent escapade during the last King of the Glades event at Everglades Holiday Park would be a sign of bad luck or misfortune.  On a micro-scale, I really could think this, but this turned out to be a true blessing.  Think about […]

Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale

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Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale American History is rife with Pirate-style themes.  One of our founding defenders, Captain John Paul Jones was one of them.  If you know history you know John Paul Jones was in fact a “Privateer” for the Continental Navy.  Privateer is really just a nice way of saying […]

Building Their Masterpiece

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Everyone loves the novelty of custom handmade gear; especially when it comes to fishing.  The concept is pretty cool.  Something comes from the imagination of a creator and they build it, try it out, scrap the bad ones, start over, and builds it again.  They repeat this process over and over again until the end […]

Finesse Fishing in Heavy Cover

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When most people look at miles and miles of flats where there’s a mixture of lily pads, hydrilla, bulrushes, and pepper grass, there are a number of techniques which are thought of as the staple go to’s. Those techniques are usually along the lines of swim jigs, punching, flipping, or some kind of moving baits.  […]