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Made With the Angler in Mind

“Made with the angler in mind” It’s a phrase you see on a regular basis when perusing almost all lure manufacturing companies.  I see it regularly when I’m doing research on bringing new brands into Cross Bone Outfitters.  It’s got me thinking.  What are they trying to portray?  In all honesty, like most other anglers […]

Roland Martin Marine Center Series Recap

Roland Martin Marine Center Series Recap I took practice for the Roland Martin Marine Center Series a lot differently than I have in the past on Lake Okeechobee, and I think it worked out for the best.  Basically what I was looking for was water quality.  Since hurricane Irma hit all of Florida, Lake Okeechobee […]

Building Their Masterpiece

Head Shed Up Close blog

Everyone loves the novelty of custom handmade gear; especially when it comes to fishing.  The concept is pretty cool.  Something comes from the imagination of a creator and they build it, try it out, scrap the bad ones, start over, and builds it again.  They repeat this process over and over again until the end […]

King of the Glades

Chaz fish

Stop 2 For King of the Glades 12 A lot of time goes into practicing and learning the behavior of the bass in the given environment where we are hunting them. Travel to a Largemouth Bass paradise like the Florida Everglades and it’s no different. For this last KOTG Series event I started practicing out in […]