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DD26 Fishing Mercury V8 Motor Mounts

DD26 Fishing Mercury V8 Motor Mounts Our friends a DD26 Fishing have done it again and are the very first to make a motor mount for your brand new Mercury Pro XS 4-Stroke V8 and a set of cut aluminum steering stops to match.  You’ll be able to choose your custom color scheme to match […]

Roland Martin Marine Center Series Recap

Roland Martin Marine Center Series Recap I took practice for the Roland Martin Marine Center Series a lot differently than I have in the past on Lake Okeechobee, and I think it worked out for the best.  Basically what I was looking for was water quality.  Since hurricane Irma hit all of Florida, Lake Okeechobee […]

Hard Times or a True Blessing?

Hard Times – Or A True Blessing? So as it would seem my recent escapade during the last King of the Glades event at Everglades Holiday Park would be a sign of bad luck or misfortune.  On a micro-scale, I really could think this, but this turned out to be a true blessing.  Think about […]

Fishing Other People’s Information

Weigh In

Fishing Other People’s Information A lot of guys are looking for that insight, that in if you will in order to gain an edge in competition.  I’ll admit, when I go to a new body of water or a lake I haven’t been to in awhile I often find myself fishing other people’s info.  There […]

2017, The Year a Rung In The Fishing Ladder Broke

Chaz with fish

2017, The Year a Rung In The Ladder Broke I recently made a post on my Facebook Fishing page discussing how 2017 was literally my worst tournament fishing season on record.  It’s a really easy sport to start making excuses in.  “The weather wasn’t right,” or “The fish were there but we just couldn’t get […]