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The world today has been changing, and social media has been leading the charge. Everyone who fishes will put up pictures or videos of their catches, and then send to fishing companies showing what they caught and then say “Sponsor Me”. This is not how it works people.

When you’re trying to get a company’s attention, it would be smart to actually first go and BUY some of their products to use. Show the company that you like the products they are producing and believe in them. Even if you apply and are not accepted you will still go out and buy those products anyways because you absolutely can not fish without them! Nobody actually gets free gear by just asking for it, unless you’re very fortunate then hats off to you. There are some steps to get a sponsor and they are fairly simple too.

When you tell a company “sponsor me” the company wants to know what you bring to the table to them. Have a resume ready to send out, yes a fishing resume is a real thing. The resume should include the clubs you are apart of (if you are in any), tournament trails you are in and tournament wins, all the social media accounts you have, and what you will bring to the company. Yes, you also want to include what you actually do for work and other activities you’re apart of. Realistically when you apply to a company take it as if you’re applying to an actual job, that will be the only way you will be accepted if they feel like you’re a serious team player and what you will bring to the table.

The one thing that people who are on the outside looking in at people who have “sponsors” is that you get nothing for free. You will get a discount and be able to use the company’s logo. People don’t realize that “Pro Staff” does not mean “Professional Staff” it actually mean “Promotional Staff”! You are here to promote that company and bring brand awareness to other people of how awesome that product or company is! Personally I get embarrassed when I am out with some friends (who really never fish) and they will say I’m a “pro” fisherman. Its honestly embarrassing to me, I have to correct them over and over and say nothing I do is considered a “Pro” I pay for everything I have and all my tournaments as well. Treat the sponsorship like your actual job. The harder you work at showing off the products you use the more you will be able to move in the company.

People sometimes forget that they are part of the company and while they are out fishing or doing anything else they are representing the company and should  always carry themselves properly. The company can always get rid of you if you just apply for the staff and actually do nothing to help them grow. Do not be that person who applies to the company and gets some free samples and then never does anything for the company but just wear the logo. With social media being so key with everything a simple “like or comment” will go a long way! Believing in the company and products they carry even if you’re not apart of that company will go a long way as well. It is just like your regular 9-5 work hard and then you’ll get that raise or promotion that you’ve been waiting for!

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