Rewards Points Are Here

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Rewards Points Are Here!

At Cross Bone Outfitters we’re always looking for ways to make your time with us and most importantly out on the water more enjoyable and more beneficial.  That’s why our Rewards Points are Here.  We have now established a number of ways you can earn rewards points simply by getting the best custom tackle through us.

For each dollar spent, you will receive one rewards point which 15 points will equal one dollar on the website.  However, that’s not simply good enough, so we have bonus points attached to certain products.  For example, all DD26 Fishing Rods and premium Vexan Pro Bass Rods carry 75 bonus points for you to use.  All you need to be is logged in to get them added to your account.  Like what you got?  Excellent!  Provide a review and earn 10 rewards points simply for letting us know what you like about it.

When you shop with Cross Bone Outfitters you’re able to support a veteran owned company, get small American owned company gear, and help us give back to our military, veterans, and first responders.  Did you know all registered military, veterans, and first responders get a standing 15% discount on all our goods?  It’s true.  We’ve been doing it for awhile.

So next time you’re looking for the perfect flipping jig, or need some high quality soft plastics, and everything in between – don’t forget that we’re here and we support everything that makes this nation what it is today.

Tight Lines!

– Chaz Hickcox

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