How Does Pure Fishing Being Sold Off Effect Your Time On The Water?

How Does Pure Fishing Being Sold Off Effect Your Time On The Water?

So the news about Pure Fishing being sold off is starting to go around.  I know a lot of anglers probably don’t think it will affect them and their time on the water.  However, it absolutely does.  Starting off Pure Fishing is the parent corporation for Abu Garcia, Berkley, Stren, Sebile, Mitchell, Penn, and many more.  These are brands most of us grew up with – when they were simply like many of the brands we carry, small but very successful brands in the industry created by men and women much like us who have a true passion for fishing and enjoying God’s creation in the outdoors.  Their success brought on the normal business growths, selling to corporations which are publicly traded.  For the heads of the businesses this is a pretty good move.  It provides them with a return on their investment and they make a ton of money off of what they spent so long to build and create.

At that point it becomes about the dollars and cents rather than the end user…

Unfortunately, when the business owners do that they lose touch with their base – the whole reason for what they do in the first place.  At that point it becomes about the dollars and cents rather than the end user and [what should be] the ultimate goal for any company in the industry – provide the best gear to enable the best experience possible on the water, or in the outdoors in general.  For many of us, it’s merely a business because it’s simply a necessity to feed our families and pay our bills. However, for many of us if we didn’t have those responsibilities we’d gladly provide these services for free.  It’s with that mindset that makes small companies in the industry go the extra mile to ensure you, the end user, are getting the most out of your experience.

“While both of those businesses are really interesting businesses, in some ways neither benefits as much as the ones we’ve chosen to keep from the capabilities we’ve invested to create in innovation and design and in e-commerce,” Newell Brands’ CEO Michael Polk said. “While Fishing has a bit of an international footprint in the Nordic and parts of Europe, it is less of a big global opportunity than some of our other businesses, and certainly Jostens is geographically constrained.” – As reported by

Looking back to Pure Fishing and the fact that Newell’s representative literally stated the sale of the Pure Fishing Brand is “To benefit the shareholders”, not to better the brand, not to ensure the brand(s) don’t fall by the wayside, but to increase the bottom line of an investor through Wall Street.  So, the brands you grew up with are not getting decisions made with you in mind.  Nor are they concerned with how to make your time more efficient or rewarding when you’re enjoying the outdoors.  It’s all about the bottom line at that Wall Street level.  Main Street, or back country roads in our case, isn’t part of the plan.  Much like certain plastics brands, make the plastics so soft they won’t last beyond one fish so the consumer goes through more, and ultimately has to buy more – feeding that shareholder’s bottom line.

The best innovations meeting the best results

don’t come from a shareholder’s pocketbook mindset.

It comes from guys like Frank Masiello of SUMKINA Bait Company, Steve Dial of Bass Addiction Gear, Chris Love of 911 Custom Baits – and many more like them.  If there’s a production issue for you, the user, with one the mass production lines from Pure Fishing, go ahead and call the customer service departments of their lines.  Chances are they’re someone who was hired to answer a phone and look at numbers, not the creator of the design that was intended to make your time better on the water.  You may get taken care of, as long as the numbers match up.

Closing this out, companies being bought and sold

isn’t a bad thing all the time.

When Steve Dial acquired Bruiser Baits, he took a regionally known company which was doing ok and has made it a HUGE deal.  Adding his innovation, his family’s personal touch, and his genuine care for anglers and their time on the water has made Bruiser a better place in my opinion.  However, it’s all about that personal care you get when some random shareholder is not a part of the company vision equation.

My goal at Cross Bone Outfitters is the highlight those who put the customers first, their experience using their gear, and their ultimate quality of life provided from the escape from the stressors of life the outdoors provides us.  Some investor on Wall Street should NEVER be a part of that equation.



4 thoughts on “How Does Pure Fishing Being Sold Off Effect Your Time On The Water?

  1. Chris says:

    Well said Chaz! The strength and competitive edge is located with the small businesses in this industry…in my opinion. Big business and mass produced products have their place. I am not putting those down. I’m just saying if you want to work with companies who have the same values as you and similar interests…then small business really appreciate your support!!

    • Chaz Hickcox says:

      Mass produced items do have their place. No small company can do anything with hooks or other small consumables like swivels and other accessories. However, for the big important things, the quality found from the small company owner who puts their heart and soul into it are far more efficient than anything mass produced.

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