Product Placement Application

Within the outdoor industry there are a number of trusted names most consumers turn to because of brand name recognition.  These products, while being known (some) for quality, are usually mass produced and backed by a single conglomerate for marketing purposes. This creates a barrier for small brands to be introduced to the audience and consumers they deserve. Your personal attention to each of your final products deserves recognition.

Cross Bone Outfitters specializes in showcasing and retailing the highest quality small company produced outdoor brands. Within the world of retail and marketing the consumer needs to know the products they are purchasing are of the highest quality made by professional manufacturers. Cross Bone Outfitters will only sell the highest quality products and market them to reaches small companies will never be able to achieve. Our mission is #BREAKINGbarriers and showing the outdoor consumer that the quality products they want don’t necessarily need a household name attached to it – other than Cross Bone Outfitters of course.

If you manufacture a product you believe will be worthy of the Cross Bone Outfitters “CROSS BONE STAMP OF APPROVAL” please fill out the product placement application below. Terms and conditions for product placement will be emailed after a review of your product website and/or social media outlets.

**US Owned Companies Only**

EXAMPLE: Cross Bone Outfitters, L.L.C.
If none, type your social media business page URL - EXAMPLE:
Please Provide Your Federal Employee ID Number
Please Provide Your State of Incorporation and Your State Sales Tax ID Number
Describe in detail the types of outdoor products you manufacture and which industry (Fishing/Hunting/Outdoor-Survival/Recreational Vehicle Accessories)
Provide an Email address for correspondence between our companies.
Explain why your product is superior to well known brands, and why it should not only be sold on Cross Bone Outfitters, but marketed by our marketing team and budget?