Non Boater Part Two

Non-Boater Fishing Part Two

Fishing as a Non-Boater/Co-Angler is not the most glamorous way to fish. Everything you bring fishing is in one small corner of the boat, rods, tackle bag, life vest and whatever else you need. Sometimes when you are fishing in areas you could not get the most opportune areas to fish. This just means you need to find your opportunities and hope to produce when the time comes. Things that can be frustrating when fishing as a Non-Boater and times will get rough which will make you rethink your whole fishing career.

“…once you are in someone else’s boat, you DON’T call the shots.”

If you are fortunate enough to have a boat, like myself I am VERY fortunate to have the one I do now, practice days are a huge help come tournament time. Things to remember though, once you are in someone else’s boat, you DON’T call the shots. The water you’ll be fishing that day is where the boater wants to go. Good news is those practice days can help! Water time and seeing what the fish have been chewing is a great way to have all your rods ready to fish. It’s even better when you are able to catch fish the way you have been doing a total different technique than your boater.

“…if the going gets tough have an “Ace in the Hole”

It is important to hopefully talk with your boater before getting on the water, hopefully some suggestions on what the both of you have been catching fish on. Generally spots will not be shared, but as a Non-Boater and some practice time, if the going gets tough have an “Ace in the Hole” where your fish have been, but that is only as an emergency.

Non-Boater fishing is not for everyone and at times it does get rough when the bite is slow but always remember keep your head down and keep casting!


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