New Additions to the Cross Bone Outfitters Family

New Additions to the Cross Bone Outfitters Family

The week at ICAST brought on the opportunity to check out a lot of great new additions from small companies across the country.  If you’re not keeping up with us on our Facebook page, you probably missed some of the best highlights from the show.

Genesis TI Hammer Spinnerbait

Omega Custom Tackle

First off, we met up with Bass Cat Boats FLW Tour Pro Jeff Dobson from Oklahoma at one of his key sponsor’s booths, Omega Custom Tackle, Inc.  Omega has been around for a long time and a few years ago came under new ownership from Brad and Michelle Fuller out of Oklahoma.  Brad is a fellow veteran and is one outstanding guy.  Much like Randelle and I, he and Michelle run the show over there at Omega and do an outstanding job of it.


Here’s a piece from their About Us section of their website to give a background on Omega Custom Tackle:


Innovation, attention to detail and steadfast dedication to the craft makes Omega Custom Tackle the premier bait company in the country. Omega designs technique specific baits that empower anglers at all levels to choose the ideal bait for every fishing situation. Each Omega bait goes through extensive field testing by prostaff anglers from around the country. As avid anglers ourselves, we take pride in offering the ultimate in diversity of bait color and types, durability, from products to packaging and above all, performance.

Omega Custom Tackle is a veteran owned and family operated small business. In September 2016, Brad and Michele Fuller became the owners of Omega Custom Tackle and work tirelessly to make sure the company and its customers succeed. Brad is a retired Air Force Veteran and Michele is a Guidance Counselor at a local school. They have two teenage daughters and are very involved in the local community.

They believe Omega Jigs are the best in the industry. They will continue to make the best products on the market, stay innovative and expand the product line. Coming soon are several baits in the prototyping process. Omega already has a great following and it continues to grow. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for up-to-date offers and announcements. All the best to you and God Bless! Contact us for more information.

As you can see they’re just as focused on providing quality for you the angler, much more than simply putting a product out there.  To say the very least, we are EXCITED to have them be a part of our family!

Here’s our Live Broadcast from ICAST 2018 –


Gruv Fishing

Our next exciting lineup is a company called Gruv Fishing. Gruv Fishing is based out of Utah and has made some outstanding revolutionary designs for tackle management.  They use a silicone based cradle, for lack of a better word, to hold your hard baits secure while in storage.  This is outstanding because now all of those outstanding custom colors we have available to you won’t get scuffed up simply by being in your container.  Additionally, the jig/terminal tackle storage solution is exceptional as well.

I have to be honest, I started looking at adding Gruv Fishing back in December.  However, seeing it online is never enough to really have a good feel for what you’re getting.  So when I saw them on the exhibitor list for ICAST, I knew I had to go visit them and see for myself what they have available.  Honest reflection, I should have added them a LONG time ago.  Their gear is amazing, and it is exactly what I’ve personally been missing in my boat for hard bait and terminal tackle storage.  Now when I say terminal tackle storage, I’m talking jigs and hooks, but not weights.  The Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin is still the king of that (we will be adding them very soon as well).  Watch this video to see the full description of the gear and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Live Broadcast from ICAST 2018 –


This is not everything –

These two live videos are probably the most exciting additions you will see from me at Cross Bone Outfitters, which is why we were live at their booths.  However, they are not the only ones.  Be on the look out for some great hard baits from Livingston Lures.  Livingston is huge in ingenuity with their electronic natural fish sounds emitted from the baits themselves.  They will most certainly be a hit, and I can tell you personally I have been beat on Okeechobee plenty of time by Captain Yoan Alvarez and his dependency on Livingston Lures to get the job done.

Also we will be adding Sunsect Sunblock and Insect Repellent.  Down here in Florida it is a necessity to protect yourself from the hot summer sun (summers for us start in about April and don’t really end until October).  The other beast you need to worry about down here is the high population of almost any kind of biting bug imaginable.  Sunsect is the answer to that.  It combines SPF15 and insect repellent in one very effective cream.  The best part is the initial fragrance, which is very minimal, dissipates very quickly and you won’t have to worry about it making you or your hands smell like sunscreen nor bug spray.  Another cool feature, is being completely waterproof and eco friendly, you won’t have to worry about the deet coming off your skin in the livewells and killing your tournament catch.  Lots of winning in this one thing.  Super excited to get it going.

All in all ICAST was an outstanding time for us.  We were able to do a relaunch bash for our new sister company, Crossed Industries.  The same personal customer care we give you here is directly translated into Crossed and we will do everything we can to make sure you have all your needs taken care of for your truck and RV.

This awesome adventure doesn’t go anywhere without each and every one of you.  We appreciate it and look forward to helping you find that next hook set!

-Chaz Hickcox

Owner/CEO Cross Bone Outfitters/Crossed Industries

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