My New Fishy Adventure!

Headshot with rod

Hello Cross Bone world! I would love for you all to join me while I journey into the bass fishing realm…. This is a big, new and scary adventure for me coming from the salmon and steelhead side of the fishing world, but I am confident that I’ve surrounded myself with the most amazing people to help educate me during this transition and I would be honored if you also helped me. If you’re also new to the sport, GREAT, learn along WITH me! Come along with me while I go fishing for more!

I’m going to use this first blog as an introduction to me and my background – My name is Jennifer Stahl, I’m 45 years old and I’m addicted to fishing…… I wasn’t always this way, I only had one fishing experience growing up and it was HORRIBLE so I never did it again. Then I got married and figured if I ever wanted to see my husband, I better figure out this fishing thing. Well I did and the rest is history.

In late July, I had the honor of being chosen to become Field Staff for Cross Bone Outfitters. I was overjoyed and then immediately thought “what the heck are they thinking taking on a salmon and steelhead fisherman from the Pacific Northwest?” I searched the website in hopes of finding some sort of salmon or steelhead gear, but alas, everything was more targeting bass. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to bass fish, I actually learned how to “set the hook” watching Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Hank Parker on Sunday’s. Boy, that didn’t go over to good the first time I set the hook on a salmon, yanked it right out of its mouth! But bass fishing always looked so involved and difficult to me so I shied away from it.

In April 2017, I was able to take a trip of a lifetime to Panama and have the opportunity to fish for Peacock Bass in the Panama Canal (Lake Gatun). Whoa! I had a blast and yes, I was hooked! Now that I’m back at home, I haven’t had the opportunity to get out and bass fish yet (boat motor issues, schedules, life, etc.) but I will soon! In the meanwhile, I’m getting my tackle box ready and it isn’t nearly as scary as I thought. Lots of the same theories are applied – water clarity vs. lure color, weather, etc. I’m blessed to have a couple very close friends that do bass fish and one of them even gave me “homework”! I’ve been reading old magazines, watching old videos and finding myself getting in deeper and deeper…… I knew it, once an addict, always an addict….. I’m continuing to fish for more.

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