It’s Not Just About the Fish

Fishing is supposed to be a way to hang out and enjoy the water with your friends, or family. Everyone who has ever fished before remembers either their “First Catch” or “The One that got away”.

It’s always great to have fishing buddies, but fishing is also a way to make new friends as well. Either you’re at the boat ramp talking to a few other guys in the same tournament as you, or you’re at the bait shop just talking to a few locals about what the fish have been biting on.

For example, I was out fishing an area for Peacock Bass, probably one of my best days out fishing for them too, a few guys were walking the bank close to me, I waved them down and told them to come over. I had asked if they had caught anything and they said “no” and they were trying to catch some Peacock Bass, I had told them to fish right where I was, most fishermen would not let this happen, I gave them some of my bait and we were all catching fish. It was great for me because I had probably caught over 20 peacock bass, and large mouth bass, and I still had a bucket full of shiners that I wasn’t going to finish. Within the next few minutes everyone was hooked up on a fish and everyone was having a great time. Being able to share some excitement with a few other guys that had never caught a certain fish and to see the excitement on their faces was the exact same that I have every time.Throughout the rest of the time fishing with these guys, we talked had a few laughs and were just talking fishing with one another.

Something to keep in mind while you’re out fishing, no matter what level you happen to be at, fishing is supposed to be FUN! It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest boat with every electronic on it, and sponsored by every fishing company out there. The whole point of fishing is to go out enjoy your time on the water with family or friends, or even make new friends out there. Fishing is a way to escape from whats going on in the world and enjoy time with nature, and rip some lips! Never stray away from what caught your love of fishing in the first place. Weather you a weekend warrior fisherman or someone who is out there fishing for a living, enjoy the time spent on the water and TIGHT LINES!!

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