How Are You Protecting Yourself

How Are You Protecting Yourself?

If you’re following this website, you’re probably an outdoorsman or woman who can’t stand being indoors.  If you are, you also know the value of sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, even on cloudy days.  You also have experienced the relentless onslaught of every mosquito, deer fly, no-see-um, and any other biting/stinging bug out there.  It really can drive you nuts.  A lot of times you have to make a choice, apply bug spray – which can exacerbate sunburns – or apply sunscreen and just deal with the bites.  Neither are good in the long term.  I know as a tournament angler I usually avoid bug spray because I don’t want the DEET coming off my hands and arms in the live wells and possibly killing the fish.

That’s the choice we’re faced with on the water, deal with bugs and stop the sunburns and not have to worry about our limit or deal with sunburns and possibly hurt our tournament catch.  At ICAST I was able to go meet with the folks at SUNSECT and talk about these very issues.  SUNSECT is a combination of both DEET bug repellent and SPF15 sunscreen.  The cool part about it is once it drys (which is quickly) there’s no smell to it.  Also, it’s completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about it coming off in the live wells.  Win-win in my book.  There’s nothing worse than pulling up to a grass mat to have ten billion grass flies land ALL OVER YOU!  It literally takes away from your focus on the water and lets you get down to business of catching giant bass.  Check it out HERE!



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