Fishing Tournaments With Your Spouse!

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Fishing Tournaments with your spouse!
By Jason Brewer with Cross Bone Outfitters

I have been very fortunate to have found a spouse that loves the outdoors as much as I do! Let me give you a few of my survival pointers. When I meet my loving and supporting wife I just knew that I had a keeper! We have been together over 20 years and we have been involved in the fishing tournament scene just as long. I have had some very humbling experiences fishing with her, against her and as a team member. So I figured why not start an article series about it as we are more about real life situations then just selling products. So here is one of those moments that will leave you scratching your head and humbling you!

We were fishing a tournament not as a team but against one another in a local club. Well as we had our pairings meeting the week of the tournament by chance she was paired to fish with me. So I have spent a couple of weekends leading up to the tournament pre-fishing so I thought I had a solid pattern. This was going to be a good time for me, I thought. She is on the phone constantly being a real estate agent… sweet more fish for me, YEAH WRONG! So I setup her rods and reels with what I was using and I told her the pattern she just nodded and said OK!

Here we go we show up to the ramp unload the boat and the tournament begins. We arrive to the spot and it’s kind of cool outside and she’s just sitting answering emails on her phone awesome this goes on for the first hour or so I just stand up front fishing and catching my limit in that time. The next thing I know she unstraps her fishing poles and goes diving into my tackle locker in my boat and I say what are you doing you have the same baits that I’m fishing with and already have a nice limit in the live well. She just tells me to mind my own business she’s got this so like a good husband I kept on fishing before she throw’s me out of the boat and I had to swim back.

Well she starts barreling through my tackle locker like a bull in a china shop! So I pay no attention to her and the locker closes behind me and the phone rings and I just snicker and keep on upgrading my catch while she talks for a while. She ends the call puts her ear buds in and the music and singing starts. This is no joke about two casts later she yells net and the fish jumps and I go for the net and land the fish. I look at the bait and she has a spinner bait tied on I said to myself that was a fluke I couldn’t get a bite on one during practice while I was using a swim jig. Now this keeps on going the rest of the day, fish five minutes on the phone for an hour. I was getting pretty irritated with the size of my fish I had in the live well compared to hers. Each time she gets on the phone I grab that pole make some casts without a bite go figure my luck. During the whole tournament she does this I guarantee she didn’t fish two hours out of a eight hour day and put a tournament in my memory that I will never forget…no to mention she won the tournament in 1st place with a little of over 20 lbs and I end up in 2nd place with barely almost 15 lbs. This was one for the record to not be forgotten. So for those brave enough to fish with and against your spouse, remember these faithful words…Don’t ever count ’em out no matter what they do!!

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