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Fishing Other People’s Information

A lot of guys are looking for that insight, that in if you will in order to gain an edge in competition.  I’ll admit, when I go to a new body of water or a lake I haven’t been to in awhile I often find myself fishing other people’s info.  There are times it helps with getting an idea for what the fish are going to do and are currently doing.  But it’s a real gamble at times.  Other people’s info has a lot of factors that come into play, and that can really hurt your performance.

He’s had four bags in four weeks over thirty pounds!

Take this week for example.  I haven’t been to the Kissimmee Chain of lakes in almost a year.  So, when I had a tournament there I made some calls to a couple friends to figure out what’s going on.  One friend, Jason Brewer, has been just killing it on Lake Kissimmee for the past month.  He’s had four bags in four weeks over thirty pounds!  So of course, I took his advice and went to work.  Well, the first day of practice I checked out his spots on the lake and found nothing but a few small fish.  However, I went to some of my spots on the lake and put over 16 pounds of fish in the boat, and that was with leaving as soon as any good fish were caught.  We probably could have done much more than 16 pounds had we picked each of those locations a part.

Day one was abysmal, and we only weighed in one fish off that info.

Well, with a turn in the weather I still made the mistake of holding true to the advice given.  Day one was abysmal, and we only weighed in one fish off that info.  Day two, I tried some things and got a small limit.  Day three I said to hell with this and made a long run to Lake Toho from Camp Mack.  I know Toho pretty well because when I fish my annual Florida Bass Cat Owners Event there, I don’t generally leave.  This is mainly because as the director of the tournament I need to be fairly close in order to get back to the ramp early and conduct the weigh in.  So on Toho I have a ton of off shore shell beds, brush piles, and really solid shallow stuff too.

As we cycled through my areas I knew what to look for…

On day three I treated it like a practice day and just cycled through my areas I had on Lake Toho and put together a solid limit.  This brought us up to 18th from well below 30th in the standings.  As we cycled through my areas I knew what to look for and the small nuances that would indicate the location was ready for a good bag, or I needed to move.  This ability to know what those nuances are and understand why they are that way is why using other people’s information can be the worst idea you make.  It’s not that their information is wrong, it’s solely because without that understanding you don’t know when to fish or cut bait.

I tell myself time and time again that getting a general idea of the patterns the fish are holding to is a good start to practice.  However, at the end of the day, it’s the ability to make those particular adjustments is the key to success.

Don’t take this as me telling you not to fish other people’s info, just if you do, make sure you have some options you understand to go with it.  It’s what is really key for getting to the top of the leader board.


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