DD26 Fishing Announces Contingency Program

DD26 Fishing Contingency Program


About the Program

Pro Staff and Sponsorships are some of the most popular and controversial topics in fishing today.  The manufactures never give enough and the anglers never generate enough.  It’s a delicate balance for both parties.  At DD26 we believe in a mutually beneficial program with the best “people” in the industry.

With that being said, let’s just put the Pro Staff program aside.  It’s a tough call, but at this point most Pro Staff programs simply don’t work!

So exactly what does DD26 Fishing have to offer?  Let’s take some of the best custom rods built, reward you for buying them and using them and move on.  The DD26 Contingency program could not be more simple and rewarding.  Any angler that has purchased 3 DD26 Rods within 12 months of your tournament who finishes 5th or better in any tournament with 40 boats or more is eligible for $100 of their tournament entry fee back for that tournament.  Follow the steps below to register for the program and to claim your rewards.

  • Fill out the Contingency application at the bottom of this page in full.  Once it’s on file with us and you have purchased 3 DD26 Rods you are registered for the program.
  • Finish 5th or better and have at least 3 DD26 Rods in hand, submit your claim form.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FILLED OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM PRIOR TO THE TOURNAMENT YOU ARE MAKING A CLAIM FOR!
  • To get you started DD26 will offer you a bundle package on 3 rods or more so you can qualify for the program easier.  Add at least 3 rods to your cart and enter coupon code “rodbundle” at checkout for 25% OFF your initial order HERE!!!!


Once you have your rods, register for the program here:

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