Customize Your Flipping Game

Is Your Flipping Game Ready?

Flipping a 1/2 oz jig can be extremely rewarding, especially during the dog days of summer.  The bass in shallow fisheries will get up tight and inside cover to rest.  One of the best ways to pull them out is by flipping a compact jig into their home and get that reaction bite out of them.

Many jig set ups are pretty bulky to begin with.  That’s a good thing because it allows you to get your rig set up just right for whatever conditions you’re fishing in.

Prepare Yourself For The Summer Flipping Bite

Starting With The Jig.

The Hard Core Tungsten Jigs from Bass Addiction Gear come with a pretty long skirt.  Which is excellent for a big profile flipping bait, especially when you pair it with a Bruiser Baits Avenger or a full Bruiser Baits Crazy Craw.  However, to make it more compact you’re going to need some scissors.

Trim The Skirt

To really make the jig compact, I take a pair of scissors, hold the bait vertically, and trim the skirt material even with the hook.

Trim the Crazy Craw to Match

Some plastics companies have chunk trailers that are basically moleded short craws.  However, I like being able to choose how long my trailer is going to be.  So I will take a full sized Bruiser Crazy Craw and trim it down to the point of the third molded “V” in the ribbing.  This allows me to make a customized chunk style trailer for my customized compact jig.


Now you have a compact presentation that won’t spook those big girls out of their holes and get them to bite when you flip into them.

This Is At The End Of the Line With a Compact Flipping Jig

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