Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale

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Cross Bone Outfitters – Pirates Aren’t For Sale

American History is rife with Pirate-style themes.  One of our founding defenders, Captain John Paul Jones was one of them.  If you know history you know John Paul Jones was in fact a “Privateer” for the Continental Navy.  Privateer is really just a nice way of saying he was a pirate on the payroll of the Continental Congress.  His job was to literally attack the commerce shipping between England and mainland Europe.  This disruptive action ensured Britain had a hard time paying for the war with the colonies.  Cross Bone Outfitters has a similar theme.  Although everything we do is above board and well within the laws governing this great nation, we still hold true to our rebellious spirit that is the essence of being American.

Americans are supposed to be known for being “cowboys”, “Buckaroos”;

basically those who don’t just go along to get along.  Our political scene has long forgotten this FACT.  So has our social scene.  What’s unfortunate is our fishing scene is starting to as well.  To be American is to be a rebel.  It’s true.  It doesn’t matter your race, religion, or creed; to be American means to be YOURSELF.  People in this industry have forgotten that. That’s simply because the industry is owned by about three companies; Johnny Morris, Pure Fishing, and FLW Outdoors.  If you’re not a part of those, then you’re likely to find a hard time getting a seat at the table.

Look at the top touring pros on the FLW Tour and the BASS Elite Series.  You won’t find any of them displaying the rebellious nature of the Skull and Cross Bone here at Cross Bone Outfitters.  Why?  Can we not get their attention?  Absolutely not!  As the owner of the company, it wouldn’t kill us – in fact it would probably help us – if I offered one of them free gear whenever they need it in exchange for them promoting our name – but I don’t.

Why not?  Well, the simple fact is that I really am trying to change the mindset of the industry, and I am doing it 100% alone.  CBO is a self funded – off of military pay, I may add – company.  I am looking to spend money on bringing in new companies.  This is well before any amount is spent on a new ad campaign or marketing solution.  I really am looking to build a business around small companies and put them before any big company.  This takes a lot of capital.  Sponsoring a touring pro, or an Elite pro would take away from that capital.

What’s the point?

My point is the industry is railroaded by companies with an agenda to buy out every other small company out there under the guise of providing them a big promotional opportunity and/or new clientele.  I don’t do that.  I won’t buy into the companies I sell.  The VOLUME of sales I have to make to really make a killing doing this may never come.  But that’s OK.  It really is.  I never started CBO to make a million dollars; I started it to make a change in the industry.  I have literally told clients to go direct to my suppliers when they wanted something I don’t currently have in stock.  Someone trying to get rich doesn’t do that.  Seriously.

“…their literal goal was to make money off of folks who they could doup into thinking they were something they are not…”

This is the first I’m ever speaking of this publicly, but The Angler’s Authority is managed by folks who were trying to buy into CBO.  Beyond the crazy antics, their literal goal was to make money off of folks who they could doup into thinking they were something they are not.  I bought into it for awhile, but when I said they couldn’t buy into the company, they lost their minds.  I let them accuse me of a lot, then asked for written proposals they could not and would not provide.  Fact is they were doing what they do, trying to take advantage of folks, one of them being me and my family business.  Takes a lot more than that to be able to be able to truly make an honest difference in the community.

“If my only results are that SUMKINA Bait Company or Bass Addiction Gear or

Pro Point Fishing Lures gets the notoriety they deserve – Then SO BE IT!”

Being the “Cowboys” or “Buckaroos” that we are, we don’t need subjugation from the industry elites.  Would it be nice?  OF COURSE!!! But in reality, to be a true Outsider in the industry it takes guts to stand up and finally say, “American Made IS ACTUALLY BETTER”, then follow it up with REAL actions and REAL results.  If my only results are that SUMKINA Bait Company or Bass Addiction Gear or Pro Point Fishing Lures gets the notoriety they deserve – Then SO BE IT!  This is and never has been about CBO, it’s always been about the pirate factor.  Disruption so those TRUE AMERICANS can prosper and build the baits that are truly made by anglers FOR anglers.  Nothing more.


Follow us down this path; you won’t be disappointed!

It’s not about the skull, it’s truly about the freedom of choice – NOT what the industry giants want you to see!

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