Clewiston Bass Club 25 August 2018 – Results

Clewiston Bass Club 25 August 2018 – Results

On August 25, 2018 the Clewiston Bass Club launched from the City Ramp in Clewiston, Fl at safe light.  Weigh in was at 1:00 PM in order to beat the usual Florida afternoon storms.  Kellt Autrey was able to make it in with the win just shy of 16 pounds.

For his winning he took an additional $30 from The Cross Bone Outfitters Club Sponsorship Program.  This program will give 15% of all sales associated through the club back to the club every month!  Congratulations Kelly!

Kelly Autrey’s Winning
Beau Adams and his second place fish
Angler# FishDead FishWeigh PenaltyTotal WeightW/PenaltyBig Fish
Kelly Autrey515.9815.985.11
Beau Adams511.4411.444.99
DJ Timms59.979.97
Jim Loftis39.789.785.14
TJ Loftis57.267.26
Ashur Hickcox56.766.76
Aaron Navaro310.256.245.99
Mike Walsh35.45.4
Proctor Washam23.29
Tom Loftis0
Josh Adams0
Jose Betancourt0
Dan Timms0
Chaz Hickcox0
Keith White0
Moses Wilson0
Tim Loftis0
Mark Faulk0
Chris Castner0
Tyler Desimone0

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