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2017, The Year a Rung In The Fishing Ladder Broke

Chaz with fish

2017, The Year a Rung In The Ladder Broke I recently made a post on my Facebook Fishing page discussing how 2017 was literally my worst tournament fishing season on record.  It’s a really easy sport to start making excuses in.  “The weather wasn’t right,” or “The fish were there but we just couldn’t get […]

Inspect, Don’t Expect

Boat work

There are always those horror stories we hear about people having motor issues at the blast off of a tournament, or electrical issues shutting down electronics – and more devastatingly the pumps for their live wells.  But with the normal wear and tear boats take just by being on the water, many of these issues […]

Scouting On Your Prep Time


When you get a chance to go scout some new conditions because the water came up, you really can’t be looking to have a truly epic day on the water.  What you’re really doing is seeing what the conditions are in the newly flooded areas and trying to see where you can find the more […]

The Research of Your Prep Time


Last week I started this series of documenting the preparations I’m taking to prepare for the Florida B.A.S.S. Nation State Championship on Lake Okeechobee.  One of the things I mentioned was the research I would be needing to do prior to even putting the boat in the water.  The hard part about researching for a […]

Anglers, You’re In Your Prep Time!

Chaz hookset

“Shooters, You’re In Your Prep Time!” In the Marine Corps this is an all too familiar phrase that we all grow to understand this is the time we get to “Snap In” and prepare ourselves for a course of fire on the range.  The concept of snapping in is a fairly simple one.  During this […]