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Sawgrass Bassin’ Join The Team

Sawgrass Bassin’ Captain Mikey Moser of Sawgrass Bassin’ Fishing Charters has recently teamed up with us here at Cross Bone Outfitters and we couldn’t be more excited! If you haven’t heard of him, Captain Mikey Moser is a YouTube giant down here in Florida.  He’s got a lot of great stuff from all over the […]

Winter Fishing

Austin pic1

Winter fishing…. where to begin? Here are just a few of my thoughts and some things I know about winter fishing in the cold months.  I remember one of my first winter fishing trips on the lake. It was the middle of January, 9 AM and I thought to myself  “What am I doing? It […]

Sponsor Me!


The world today has been changing, and social media has been leading the charge. Everyone who fishes will put up pictures or videos of their catches, and then send to fishing companies showing what they caught and then say “Sponsor Me”. This is not how it works people. When you’re trying to get a company’s […]

My New Fishy Adventure!

Headshot with rod

Hello Cross Bone world! I would love for you all to join me while I journey into the bass fishing realm…. This is a big, new and scary adventure for me coming from the salmon and steelhead side of the fishing world, but I am confident that I’ve surrounded myself with the most amazing people […]