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Winter Fishing

Winter fishing…. where to begin? Here are just a few of my thoughts and some things I know about winter fishing in the cold months.  I remember one of my first winter fishing trips on the lake. It was the middle of January, 9 AM and I thought to myself  “What am I doing? It […]

Gone Fishin’

When positive thinking doesn’t work… right now Sometimes the fishing is so bad I wonder why I try.  Anyone else? Come on let’s be honest here..We all have those days, frustrating, skunked sunset kind of days. We have all heard the sayings, “that’s why it’s called fishing, not catching” yada yada, so on and so […]

Girls Kick Butt!

It’s Finally Saturday morning, I have waited all week in anticipation of a good fight. I pull up to the boat dock at 5 am. I can feel my blood pumping in anticipation. I am as giddy as a child on Christmas Eve. The water is still calm, the fog is thick and everything is […]

We are all Anglers

Random thoughts while kayak fishing: There has been a lot of tragedy the last little while. It’s been tough to read, watch, listen to the stories. It’s all over the internet, in the papers, on the news. There really is no escaping the reality of it. This world can be an ugly place. There is […]

Changing It Up For Fall

So a few days ago I headed out to one of my usual launch spots on Lake Havasu. I was knee deep in the water climbing in my kayak and thought to myself…water feels great today! Hasn’t felt this cool in months. We’ve been sitting in the high 80’s for water temp but the last […]