Boneyard Affiliate Application

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In an effort to actually provide support to our promotional team, we have established an affiliate program in order to provide top performers with real rewards for the work they put forth.  The following application is a step in that direction in order to enable you to actually earn from the return you bring to the company.  This is far superior to 99% of all other programs for anglers and outdoorsmen/women on this level.  Only apply if you are looking to actually benefit from a promotional partnership beyond a simple discount.

The purpose of the Cross Bone Outfitters Affiliate Program is to widen the company client base and increase awareness for our mission and our great lines of gear. Knowing the mission and being able to speak to it are essential for all applicants.
While being an affiliate member, you are being offered close to 50% of the profits of each sale you make. This comes at your requirement to also assist in maintaining the main CBO social media reach as well as ensure you are doing your part as an affiliate member. Your earnings are a direct result of your ability to bring in new customers.
Explain how you believe you can meet the minimum quota of $20 earnings per month as an affiliated team member. This description will likely be heavily weighted on the approval or denial of your application.
Let us know what product lines in our inventory you already use on a regular basis. If you do not have knowledge of our product lines, it will be near impossible for you to enable any sales.
Provide the FULL URL to your Facebook Page and/or profile
Provide the FULL URL to your Instagram profile
Provide the FULL URL to your twitter profile
Provide your business/organization website address if you have one.
In 500 words or less write a brief autobiography and outdoors experience. The members of the Cross Bone Outfitters Boneyard will be expected to maintain as professional representatives of the company and brand name. Why should we allow you to represent the brand name?
Provide a description of other promotional partners you may already have. If you believe any of them may find a conflict of interest for you to simply maintain a discount vs our actual paid position, please do not apply. Our affiliates are expected to promote and sell all product lines carried by the company, not just a select few.
We are no longer taking on junior (under 18) staff members.

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