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Bed Fishing 101

Bed Fishing

One of my favorite ways to fish is bed fishing.   It really comes down to a battle of wits between you and the fish, and it’s really a one on one game – much more so than any other time of the year.  Bed fishing is really one of those unique situations where you […]

Finesse Fishing in Heavy Cover

Bruiser big stick

When most people look at miles and miles of flats where there’s a mixture of lily pads, hydrilla, bulrushes, and pepper grass, there are a number of techniques which are thought of as the staple go to’s. Those techniques are usually along the lines of swim jigs, punching, flipping, or some kind of moving baits.  […]

Novelty or Gimmick?

Novelty or Gimmick? The conversation came up on our Facebook group, The Outsiders, where I was displaying a piece of art kind of bait made by a small guy in his garage.  We were trying to discern if the diver was a novelty or Gimmick.  My excitement came from the fact these little baits are […]

King of the Glades

Chaz fish

Stop 2 For King of the Glades 12 A lot of time goes into practicing and learning the behavior of the bass in the given environment where we are hunting them. Travel to a Largemouth Bass paradise like the Florida Everglades and it’s no different. For this last KOTG Series event I started practicing out in […]