Monthly Archives: March 2017

Outside the Box

Chaz with 2 bass

It was years ago when I finally figured out my style of finesse fishing.  It was during a time where fishing had been consistently slow and I was fishing a small heavily pressured clear water impoundment in Southern California.  On a drizzly day I was out fishing and almost couldn’t buy a bite. I was […]

The Learning Game


Everyone has their techniques they have for using different presentations.  At some point in time we all had to learn those techniques from someone or by reading, watching, or being told how to use certain things.  Everyone will have a method they’ll tell you, show you, or write about in an article.  You know we […]

Club Tournament Fishing

Chaz fish

Club tournament fishing can be a real blast.  It’s the chance for you and your friends to go out and show off your fishing skills.  For a lot of people this will be the extent of their tournament experience.  They join the club to make new friends and learn from other anglers how to improve […]