Monthly Archives: February 2017

Deck Top Talks Episode 3 – Blind Bed Fishing

Chaz with fish

  In today’s #DeckTopTalk we discuss what we call “blind bed fishing”.  This is fishing the spawn and for bedding fish without the right conditions to be able to actually sight fish for them.  We were able to use a black and blue flash Strike King Rage Tail Structure Bug on a 1/4 oz black […]

Deck Top Talks Episode 2 – Heavy Cover Hook Sets

Chaz hookset

  In our second episode of Deck Top Talks we discuss the intricacies of heavy cover flipping.  Specifically you’ll see Chaz Hickcox cover the hook sets required for the larger fish that live under the mats.  It’s definitely not your granddaddy’s hook set.  Be sure to like and subscribe for more technical discussions one Deck […]